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We ensure that we deliver the best possible products and immediate services to our customers for any queries and discrepancies. We have been dealing with around 2000+ different types of textile goods ranging from Home textiles to Apparel for men, women and children. As a customer, you can have price and quality comparison of our products with other wholesalers in the state so as to understand our deep roots in this business.

We as an organisation are very much willing to learn by engaging actively with the customers.We can help you to procure your requirement immediately and ensure safe delivery of the same. We give utmost priority to your feedback and suggestions. For the last 25 years, BombayCollection has been supporting many small business units in the textile trade as a social business initiative. We have simultaneously worked with many small business owners and have supported them from the seeding stage to ensure that they sprout out well in the initial days and now many such customers of us have been running the business successfully spanning across India.

As a business unit, we are actively involved in the promotion of entrepreneurship culture and its related activities and events in all possible ventures. We act as a business guide to our customers by providing them with insights and updates on textile sector relating to business trends and fashion cycle.

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