Bombay Collection's Journey So far

A humble beginning in early 1930’s with Textiles Sales in Jaihind Market, Thrissur Dist, Kerala, India with a minimal annual turnover. Today we stand among the leading wholesale dealers of Ready-mades in business groups in Thrissur, with our Head office at Nehru Bazaar, Thrissur, Kerala. The strategic growth of the company’s turnover in eight decades outlines the dedication and potential of the business.

Textiles Business was originally started by Chakkoru, father of current Managing Partner of the Firm in the year 1930. In the year 1985 business was took over by O.C.Rappai, currently managing partner of the Firm. In the year 2006, our Official Customer Centre was constructed at Nehru Bazar and Head Office shifted to this building and shop rooms at Jaihind Market were converted as Branch centres.

We believed “Social Business is the need of the hour for Economic Independence”. We realized this importance with social growth of people associated with us, to take it up to the next level formally, In the years 2014-15 and 2015-16 business growth was exponential with our efforts on social links and the support was extended to potential manufacturers and small startups in this sector to promote and encourage Entrepreneurship among the working class. In 2015 and 2016 we have taken initiatives in supporting women entrepreneurs across boundaries and we have made many active women entrepreneurs as our active suppliers.

Bombay Collection led by highly experienced Mr. O.C.Rappai and highly motivated and encouraging Mr. Alex Raphel with a team of thorough professional is always in the process of exploring new business heights in wholesale textile market. With our experience, professionalism and untiring dedication we are sure to achieve a target of covering million minds in the near future.